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Falcon 320: Eye of a Falcon

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Really,this barcode scanner is truely a good for money to buy.I used it a few times. The design wasn't bad at all. A bit bulky but works like magic when it comes to fast scanning ability. Not like other scanners, this one is handy for both left and right handed people. How does it work that way? Well, there are two yellow button(left and right side) that are configurable for u to set it. The head of the scanner can be unscrew,and u can move the eye of the scanner from left to right position.

Another good thing about this F320 is, it is built for people with slippery hand. That means, u don't have to worry if u accidently dropped the F320 in the line of duty.It won't break or kaput.Really.Trust ME..
This laser scanner surely have multifunction buttons inorder to help the owner ease their job.It's also have a very programmer friendly environment.

Here is a technical spec of both scanner in the picture above.

* Lightweight, ergonomic, compact design
* Open architecture design
* DOS 6.22, 486 PC-compatible
* User-accessible PC Card slot
* Integrated laser options
* 16 x 20 graphics backlit LCD
* Wireless options:
o Choice of 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radios
o Long range mobility
o High throughput network capacity
o Advanced power management
o Seamless roaming
o Access points, antennas and cables
o Network and Terminal emulation software

for more detail information on this Falcon 320, visit

Looking for their accessories, here some pictures.

Single Slot Dock
Four Slot Dock
Vehicle Mount Cradle
Belt For Holster
Softcase with laser


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